Violin, Viola, Cello, & Bass


Bowed String Shop LLC is committed to maintaining the highest quality rental instruments at an affordable price. Each of our rentals are setup to the highest playing level and include all instrument maintenance by default. Our rental program is not a “rent-to-own” system, but all rental credit can be applied to a purchase of an excellent instrument in our inventory. When you rent an instrument from us, you are entering into a partnership where you’ll receive the support you need while gaining access to a high-quality instrument. The ability for a student to grow depends greatly upon the instrument they have access to. Bowed String Shop can help fit the right instrument with your needs, enabling growth and fulfillment.

When you need a violin, viola, cello, or bass rental, come to Bowed String shop, our trained string specialists are here to help!

Rental Outfit

Each standard rental includes an instrument, a bow, a carrying case or cover, and rosin.  Premium outfits include a fully carved contemporary or antique European instrument with a quality carbon fiber bow and professional level rosin/strings. Rentals are billed every three months and the pricing is as followed (based on availability).

Pricing Per Quarter (3 Months) + Tax

Maintenance Included. Shipping and/or delivery may incur extra fees.


Violin – $50

Viola – $60

Cello – $80

Bass – $125


Violin – $150

Viola – $180

Cello – $240

Bass – $375

Additional Costs

Shoulder Rests can be purchased for $15

Perfection pegs can be installed for an additional $10 every 3 months.
Violin / Viola / Cello only based on availability

Our Rental Process

    1. Choose Your Instrument

    Beginner and premium violin, viola, cello and basses are available. – Determine the size you need

    Not sure of size? Follow these simple sizing instructions!
    Final sizing will be done by your teacher or a specialist at our shop

    2. Request Rental Instrument

    Click the button below to request your rental instrument and schedule a tentative pickup appointment.

    3. Authorization

    Fill out the rental contract sent to your email. This is not a payment link. Credit card authorization is for the security of the rental instrument only.

    4. Instrument Processing

    Our specialists will hand pick your instrument and set it up to your teachers preferences. We’ll confirm your appointment once your instrument is ready.

    5. Appointment

    Come to your appointment with the credit card you have put on file and a photo ID. You do not need to pay with the same credit card you put on file, any card, cash, or check can be used.

    6. That’s It!

    Begin your musical journey!